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We are happy to announce that ClickJackpot Beta has been launched and the first players have been granted access to play with their real SPH.

Stay tuned! You will receive an email when you Beta access has been granted. You may also check your wallet for a new section “ClickJackpot” if you have the game launch button enabled or not.

If you do not have wallet created yet, hurry up, do it now and register your free player account at

Once you get access, you can start to play ClickJackpot Beta and play with your real SPH coins. However, please notice that the game is in BETA which means that there may be issues that we will be fixing and finalizing during the Beta phase. We are confident that deposits and withdrawals from your wallet to the game and back work smoothly.

How to play? Please login to your wallet dashboard. Scroll down until you see ClickJackpot section, and in this section you can find a new button called “Launch game”. Click this button to login to the game with your wallet account. The ClickJackpot game is played with the same account you have used to manage your SPH coins. You can also login directly to the game in the game landing page, with your wallet credentials. Once you are in the game, click the button. Remember, each click will consume 1 SPH!

What happens next? We will continue to monitor the game and develop further improvements, better user interface, better user experience and new features. Remember to visit the game as often as possible so we can improve the game and gain feedback how the game works and behaves.

Enjoy clicking – Click to play, play to win! Good luck!

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