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Sapphire Coin Project Status Update

We are currently in the summer holiday season. Part of our team has started summer holidays after the ICO ended in the beginning of July (July is the common holiday month in Finland) and continuing to have vacations during August (rest of the team is enjoying their holidays during typical European holiday month). This will and has caused some delays in our support and development activities during this period. Despite this, we hope everyone is enjoying their summer holidays and relax after the exhausting and busy Spring with Sapphire Coin ICO sales.
ClickJackpot Beta is starting soon. Soon we can start clicking. Soon you can use your SPH from your wallet to play the ClickJackpot. The game will be available to login with your existing wallet user account credentials: same username, same password. We will also open a quick launch button in the wallet dashboard, which you can see once the Beta version of the game has been enabled in your account. We targeted to start the Beta already in the end of June, but due to some unexpected technical delays and issues, we had to postpone the Beta and continue fixing the found issues and improving the user interface. This work has taken a bit longer than expected, partially due to summer holiday season, but finally, we look forward to start Beta soon (by mid of August at latest). The Beta access will be opened to users in batches, starting from few tens and then increasing amount of users to hundreds and then to thousands, eventually to everyone. We will monitor that all work correctly, including wallet transactions and winning payouts. And obviously, we hope to get bug reports in case some anomalies happen.
During summer period, we have also reached over 40k registered users. This is awesome and you can see the announcement link here. Thanks to you all, we are growing continuously and we are looking forward to reach over 50 000 users before the ClickJackpot game is ready to launch. Please keep referring this project and game to your friends = the more players we have, the more clicks we have, and sooner we can reach the big rewards.
While we are developing and finalizing the ClickJackpot Beta, we have started initial digital exchange integration work. This work includes work to withdraw your SPH coins into partner digital exchange for public trading. The work continues during holiday season and we look forward to be able to start trading in the first exchange as indicated in Sapphire Day – during the launch period. The important milestone for starting the trading and exchange is to generate the demand: the more successful our game (and partner games) are, the more need and demand there is for SPH; this means that more actively you play, the more there will be demand for new SPH and getting clicks for new players. More demand means better trading. We aim to have a minimum of 5 000 000 (five million) clicks in the ClickJackpot game (ultimate goal is 10 Million clicks) until we open the trading with first digital exchange platform. We are currently under negotiations with 3 different trading platforms from which we target to open 1-2 exchanges in the first place.
In June, during Sapphire Day 2018, we announced a partnership with Arctic Blue Gin. At the announcement event, we informed that there will be a special campaign price for purchasing SPH in order to celebrate the partnership with the world’s best Gin and double gold awarded spirit. Please stay tuned for special campaign, to buy SPH with special price from the company. This campaign will be conducted during August and will be our last pre-exchange campaign with this significance.
Our support working hours are limited during the summer holidays. This means delays in responses and in case there is need for checking some things, this will take more time. Please be patient. Everything will be processed in queue. Also if there is an issue that requires troubleshooting, it will take a bit more time due to team being busy with ClickJackpot finalization work.
That’s it for this update. We hope this clarified the status for everyone. We will share more information during August and provide updates when there is more information to be shared. Enjoy the summer holidays!

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You will get approximately 1668 tokens with calculated EUR value of 1000.00€ (exact amount is confirmed at the arrival of your funds to reflect potential exchange rate fluctuations).

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